Secret Lock


The Secret Lock is a customisable medallion that flips and carries a personal message and/or drawing at the back. It is a unique piece of jewelry that would make the perfect birth, wedding or anniversary gift and that should be worn close to your heart.

Your medallion

Choose between 15 different semi-precious stones for the front of your Secret Lock; your front letter, 18kt gold colour and where/if you want it paved with diamonds.

The Secret Lock also exists in full 18kt gold version without semi-precious stone, for a more classic look.


We created a spinning mechanism that offers a more versatile and original aspect to the classic medallions.

Depending on your mood and your outfit you can choose to flip it one way or the other.

Your secret

Engrave a personal message at the back of your medallion, from a date, to a drawing or one of your favourite quotes. Because it Is so unique and completely personal, each secret lock is only available through us. Prices start from 2’000 $ up to 3’000 $.

Please contact us at for any Secret Lock inquiries to get a quote or more information.