Protection Totem necklace -

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Protection Totem necklace

Protection Totem necklace

Intarsia of Semi-Precious Stones & White Diamonds

CHF 6'120

The magic Totem are magical talismans made of semi-precious stones intarsia, 18kt yellow gold and white diamonds, all handmade in Italy. “Intarsia” is a very precise and rare technique that involves working with tiny pieces of thinly sliced precious stones to create an image. The magic Totem is a unique work of art, it takes about one week to create one intarsia piece.

They are spiritual talismans that were crafted following the codes of sacred geometry and numerology; each piece has sacred numbers engraved at the back. They will bring protection, good luck and power to its owner and shall be passed onto the next generation!

  • Intarsia with opal, turquoise, amethyst, malachite, white diamonds 0.74 ct and 12.82 gr total gold of 18kt yellow gold..
  • Chain length 60 cm.
  • Handmade in Italy. 

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